Root Amputation

The disciplines of endodontics and periodontics fuse when molars that have bifurcation or trifurcation involvements are treated with hemisection and root amputation. Attempts to save parts of teeth go back 100 years or more, but it is the increased predictability of success of endodontic therapy and the increased sophistication of periodontal treatment that have given us the means to save molars with furcation problems that, otherwise, would be lost. Even when less invasive modes of therapy have failed (scaling, root planing, occlusal adjustment, and flap surgery perhaps with osseous recontouring and synthetic or natural bone grafting material where indicated), it is no longer necessary to lose a molar with complete furcation problems. When restorative dentistry has already been finished, and the retention of part of the tooth will extend the life of a crown or fixed partial denture, the patient certainly deserves the option of hemisection or root amputation rather than extraction.